Vendredi 25 mars 2011

louboutin boots close up the distance

Mist, the round louboutin boots red sun care; Castle surf in the blue sky, blue sky like a gigantic sponge, soft and rich creamy feel. Boarded the shoulder, close up the distance, the earth under the sunshine some more charming. Binged shimmering mountains, verdant trees, flowers. Murmur of the river flowing white gauze like a light in the mountains. Tianchou, Shakes the Barley rolling, green vegetable bed, sunflowers blooming a beautiful smile red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple is a colorful mountain children, the mountain is a colorful kind Christian louboutin shoes but resolute father. Exposure to the mountains among the colorful cluster Kim. Christian sat on a navy blue of the cliffs and saw the sun with her inclusive universal body language, soothes the passing of all things Inner Challenge and EMI. Christian chatted with the grass, the grass bright with excitement whole body, supported and listened to the ear edge; her dialogue with the flowers, flowers, happiness was overflowing Hong Jiao, Zhang with pink lips whispering; Christian was funny with the birds, the birds outlet christian louboutin happy was graceful, show off costumes, floated into the jungle with the feather is comparable to the sun slowly along with the breeze, distant thoughts hit head on, so Christian am filled with emotion: Ten years, Christian lost how many of these soft and high degree of harmony magnificent mountain in the morning. Christian shouted: Cold wind, whistling, blowing poplar trees creaking, flush the rest on the branches of a tree is a crow, but also took away the last piece of dead leaves on the branches. Gray sky as if freshly Christian louboutin wedding washed clothes in the soapy water, there is no trace of life. Around the quiet village, the sound of several more dogs barking, and after that silence. Because Christian is winter, the fields do not farm work, this time, most of the folks sitting in their own hot brick bed, very few people out walking. Christian walk in the woods to a small village on the road, and my heart afraid. Although the weather was still early, but that is cloudy day, windy, and then walk all the way, did not see a person, so a little Christianlouboutin Pumps Delic Crescent Toe in black bit afraid. because tomorrow it’s my turn to do duty in the class, give birth to the stove, so Christian have to go pick up some firewood back in the woods. Home is not much wood fire, when fire mothers cooking.
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Christian louboutin boots stepped up the pace of walking towards the direction of home

Squat body, staring louboutin boots at the ground if they had eight branches. Again when a wind blowing, my feet have loose shoelaces, the wind from side to side. Suddenly a thought flashed my mind. Shoes Christian can bring the state branches. Christian sat on the ground, took off his shoes, pulled from the shoe laces, then two shoelaces tied together and pulled by hand, the quite strong, and use this to tie the branches should be no problem now. This method is really effective. My shoulder to leave the woods carrying a bundle of dry twigs, the sky completely black Christian louboutin boots down. Christian stepped up the pace of walking towards the direction of home. Darkness enveloped the sky is filled with a solemn, as if the air is condensed together, motionless. There will be a strange chirping sound suddenly across the sky, creepy. When walking, my heart is tightly contracted together. Christian just walked into the village, first one calling my name, voice over, very warm and familiar voice, and then Christian saw a mother figure to me thin and ran. Is my mother. Christian almost threw her in front of me. Mother louboutin discount squat with body in front of me, his face anxious to say, look at your face like a cold with the persimmon, and Christian do not know the child how such a thing, do not come home so late, where to go wild Christian was a little stoop, just about to speak, by her mother interrupted. Mother saw me on the shoulders of dry twigs, and a win to my shoulder, his arm caught in the elbow, pull up my hand while walking said. How they ran firewood, and home enough yet, Christian say there was no need to do this, quickly go cheap Christian louboutin home and get people worried. Mother’s love is always such a nagging, all the way to say the never-ending, but I’m not bored. Christian was paranoid but sad heart, to take my mother’s hand in that moment, a warm heat call up. Thought of back home soon, my heart began to warm up. Presumably, students have to fire the stove at home is busy, stew in the kettle of water on the stove should also be opened, is steaming. Father played in his Caguas stove shelves, ready to drink with stew, or brother and Christian Louboutin Hand diamond shoes sister in the oven baked potato chips are. Eleven years old in my world, home is the warmest place. Water slowly over time, several years later. The times change, the personnel in the conversion, many things changed.
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louboutin boots will meet memorable people

On the road. Xian louboutin boots has been spent, will keep open. Remember those ordinary people who Christian touched Christian, although we do not have agreement, but Christian is in your life a beautiful memory of your heart is always warm, always give Christian motivation, the way in the future, we Christian will meet memorable people, from now on others to pay Christian a love, so that Christian become the eternal memory of someone else, so that others moved again, or a lifetime A few days ago to buy a nine florist roses, because we need her to work, so the mixing time to go to Internet cafes, cashier christian louboutin pumps girl asked: Christian am a bit uncomfortable to ask: good man. So Christian took the flowers off the computer to Warring hotel, on the road Christian asked myself, Christian am a good man Christian am a good man wife from work my phone call came to catch on, because Christian did not know Christian was so anxious to call her what to do, see my hands when his wife Rose, his smile never not had the good-looking. We walked the park, his wife cried holding flowers, and said this is the first time Christian had ever received flowers. Christian hugged my wife christian louboutin sale said: her husband, but from now on Christian have to do a better man, be a good husband, a good father, my heart only Christian. Christian has fond memories of her, very hard very hard to miss her bit by bit, greetings. But my wife does, not, perhaps had already reluctantly reason to come together, has been lukewarm to her. Now Christian understand, in addition to parents, love my wife is the only person who has been paying for my silence. no matter how Christian go to that person, Christian always just one of her passing, an christian louboutin bridal episode, and now come to an end, Christian cannot be delayed for that period of my youth feeling half dead, decadent my fighting spirit. My wife’s little finger hook go back, your hand, and sub-total book your hand, and the child sleeping your hand, and grow old with you your hand, who needs. Think of Taiwan poet, the poem and said forget Christian is a lie. But Christian loves my wife, my daughter, my home, my haven. wife Christian love Christian When the chapter off the years, touched down mottled, has been far away in the distinctly Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 patent pumps seems to reproduce the immediate past, is so familiar, so Cutie’s placed in the depths of the soul, tempting scenes of beautiful picture! Who came stumbling along the way, the scenery in general moved slightly.
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Christian louboutin boots always inadvertently knocked sealed memory

To make their own Christian louboutin boots in mind, perhaps one person, a phrase, or something, always inadvertently knocked sealed memory, stretching out from the bottom of my heart bursts of warmth! If time could freeze into forever, no Huakaihuaxie, no longer the cycle of seasons, no longer helpless and sad parting, then life will be like a flower blooming out of refreshing fragrance, fragrance all the way, speckled tired heart, spawn endless stretches of music, played magic emanation plague the song a happy life! However, in life there are too many louboutin pumps unsatisfactory and incomplete, when exhausting to chase, the head, once in the past, Christian will not help a sigh: Life is helpless! So that, before a lot of things with their pass, how cannot stop the loss of pace. When stepping on the faltering footsteps, and finally reached the other side of happiness, but found too many things are quietly gone, the beginning, will become something of a funk, over time, they become apathetic. Slowly, Christian realized a lot of thought will be assimilated out of life! At first, louboutin replica the passion filled by the later of the calm and Christian is a kind of sentimental However, life is still ahead in accordance with the established goals will not change because they have the slightest awareness of the change! The sun every day, or the ascent of the West fall; each season, or the still rotating; over a day or three meals a day! But, find yourself missing too many things, so, lost their sense of the constantly in search: In the autumn coolness to search for the slightest little bit of warmth; in Falling christian louboutin heels leaves to search for the true meaning of life; in yellow find green weeds in the atmosphere! only affection, love, and friendship, retention, remains the same in my life, the release of the heady atmosphere, encouraged me to go forward in frustration; in the vortex of life, maintain a sober; in decadence in the still flashing a smile! Knows, many things in life are in the time of drifting away, the missing out. So to understand in a time to devote to the care, water them with a passion to open Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 satin pumps the most fragrant flowers! Often times, the most precious things, often in the busy life are ignored! For example, the family! Family as magnolia flower, fragrance is seductive, though not.
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christian louboutin bootsare quietly rolling

Of life, suddenly christian louboutin boots found that family, friendship and love that are permeated with the slightest bit of moving, are quietly rolling, rolling into the life of each moment, the heart nourishing dry, tired and faded decadence, in a more high profile way to meet more challenges in life! Recollection of events has a variety of feelings, a happy, beautiful, comfort, there are mournful, sad, jealous of. But with time everything away, why bothers to find copies, pick up the past to the satisfaction of the heart is a home for. – Life Confessions open louboutin knockoffs that the dusty old album, I’m young, young people one by one Christian presented to the confusion among the already yellowing. Even those who like the size of the 135 negative films out of direct copying small photos have their place. In these large, small, group photo, the single person’s photograph, only this time, working in motion pictures, as if the VCR like to share my feelings, share thoughts, share nostalgic and brought back That lack of entertainment, cultural apathy, simple life that louboutin outlet year, Christian had just turned 20 years of age. Chaise a fiery heart, and Christian have the same dream with friends embarked on a train north, flying into the loess sunny, rainy muddy uneven, lined hanging everywhere Tata’s Fortunately, with a master’s in school art foundation that point, Christian was transferring to the trade unions have a film screening promoters. Remember that those of us young people from all sides, divided by the production of the device is placed in different areas were dormitory. In Christian louboutin wedding addition to learning the necessary skills during the day and some temporary work, but almost no cultural life for everyone to participate. Especially whenever the night comes, no silence factory ten Long Ming and bustle during the day, only when the time is now hidden away in bits and pieces arc to jump the light. Indeed, Christian is cultural dry years, no entertainment, no TV, and no love for young people’s cultural life. The only hope for is to inquire into the region around the outdoor movie to watch. Christian Louboutin Pump It can be said of our generation, to work from primary to rely on Christian to see through the open-air movie night memorable one. And companion when Christian first carried the projector, to those people-intensive, site wide regional.
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Christian louboutin boots is to blame

Two motorcycles. Christian louboutin boots Surprisingly, increased than fierce wind, snow harder and harder. Christian is worried about what finally happened, shortness of breath in the car and stopped gradually. At this point, Christian am a person as if swallowed by the storm, calling every day does not take, and shouted to land should not be. The motor side is to blame no matter how Christian kick, Christian still stood there quietly; side is looking forward to showing the scene which both eyes. So, Christian taken the first step, the nearest to doing the emergency motor collateral households Christian louboutin shoes with a street by a bicycle, to continue my way out. Looking at the vast sky, only patience and snow without shelter of any bar to Sap lunged at me wildly. Unconsciously, Christian looked at the wrist piece of with oil were unyielding spirit and professional responsibility, Christian instinctively said to myself must not miss the show time. Christian does not know how many times fell, got up and went riding. Ride did not move to propelled, pushed by the, walk pushing, me of the body exudes a sense of heat, when a to applause. May be Christian louboutin discount too tired and body temperature declined rapidly, and Christian feel myself to cool from the heat, and finally became chilly. Returned Christian after a body temperature of 39. 8 degrees, the night the day Christian was sent to staff hospitals companions. The next day, a person accompanying medical staff, the hanging droppers, no complaints, no remorse, so Christian spent a memorable year for life. later, who gently sweet, subtle carefully angels in my life only; later, as the years slowly passing away, age, grow slowly, cheap christian louboutin Christian did not let open-air movies , but not seen the open-air film; thanks for life, for the times, thanks to the film. The film work made me appreciate the joy; a movie gave me spiritual comfort; the conclusion of the film Christian Love her. Once opened, the memory of the engine, they unwittingly started a search for some Keywords. Gradually fade back when the drama when they took turns playing the movie. The subject of war from the earliest to later some of the opera, martial arts films, then later directed a number Christian Louboutin Sandals of bold and interludes of the that era, like the Chinese New Year is like watching a movie, early, the children took home Rangie son, stools can come out and come out, do such children never go to the.
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